An evening in Paris

You can taste the honey at the end. A half-smile on your face, still not believing that it could really stop here, end this way, even as you realize that it is.

Can one night, one encounter, really mean that much? Enough to change your life? To invade your dreams nine years later? But you believe, because believing means having hope. And hope is everything.

Revisiting “Before Sunset.” The most real romance story, or the most unreal? No drama, no declarations even, just a conversation you never want to end.


Romeo & Juliet

Words of love, saccharine no longer,

But faintly sweet with the perfume of petals crushed.

Storms ahead that sweeten the moment,

Omniscient heart fluttering in dread.


Long mocked, mistrusted, challenged,

Beauty, now seen by a changed eye.

Foolish Romeo turned brave knight,

Juliet no longer a child.


The dream unchanged, but not the dreamer

A soul reborn, a mind altered.

A tale of star-crossed love

Not paradigm, but still beauteous so.


Witness! And weep. Till morrow.