How Long Can You Hold Your Breath?

A kiss. A brush of fingertips. Fire on your skin so you can’t breathe.

How long can you hold your breath?

Melting happiness, wrapped in a shroud of hope.

Wait. Don’t move. Don’t breathe. Don’t blink.

Wonder. Is it worth it?


Dear Reader

Dear Reader,

I do not know who you are. I do not know where you are from. I do not know why you are here, reading my words. Do you even exist outside my imagination?

It matters not.

Thank you for letting me spend time with you, talking of whatever comes into my mind. Thank you for not interjecting in the middle of my musings. Thank you for listening, and not judging. Thank you for letting me be a part of your life. Thank you for helping me find my voice.

Thank you for letting me be, hidden in my dark corner. Alone, but not lonely anymore.

Waiting for…

Am I being mean if I’m waiting for the day I get to be alone again? Selfish, I admit. To be responsible for and answerable to myself and no one else.

Tired of playing grown-up. Because being a grown-up means so many things I don’t want to be.

Responsible. Stable. Rational.

Waiting for the day I get to cry again. To not have to care about how my emotional state affects another.

Anger, sorrow, frustration, despair.


Waiting for the day the reflection turns true again. When the water is still enough to flow unchecked.