Magic fades. Comfort deepens. Already-hazy memories lose shape in the river. Dreams get terrifyingly close to reality.

You don’t hold on to a dream because it is perfect. You hold on because you are a part of it.

But what do you do when dream and memory get so intertwined that you can’t tell them apart anymore?

When you lose the line between real and imaginary?

You live in amazement.

The amazement doesn’t take away the fear of the loss of magic.

The magic outlives the mortals. They just lose the ability to see it.

Old magic never fades. It sparks every time you reach out and touch it. It gets infused into our day to day life. You can taste it, smell it, feel it, but can’t separate it out.

The magic never dies. It stays, waiting for a heart to see it and a soul to feel it.


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